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Industry Overview

The healthcare landscape is increasingly shifting from fee-for-service to value-based care. Over the last years, large technology companies have entered the healthcare sector, boosting internal R & D and private market activity in space. From software for streamlining workflows to more sophisticated technology that remotely monitors patients’ vitals, new innovations are shaking up how healthcare providers deliver their care. Advancements in the healthcare sector have made remarkable progress, healthcare is revolutionized by connected systems, electronic record keeping, and smart management software. In addition, wireless connectivity in the form of Bluetooth devices, RFID systems and Wi-FI enabled equipment has created a new medical environment. Similarly, there is a growing focus on manufacturing companies to get new drugs to market faster than ever before.

The software for the healthcare industry is quite complex, but it’s there to make it easier for hospitals to manage patients and the work of doctors. Each patient can visit the website of the hospital and make an appointment with the appropriate specialist, find out the doctors' schedule and prices of services and even get an online consultation. In addition to administrative functions, modern technology allows to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose levels with electronic devices and transmit this information promptly, in real time. Obviously, the software must be integrated seamlessly with medical equipment and be perfectly reliable, and for this, you need to use a trustworthy software company to develop them.

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We deliver technology services for healthcare organizations and build infrastructure and consumer-facing technology solutions for an interconnected healthcare environment. We create long-term partnerships with our medical customers and partners to build and support healthcare application development across desktop and mobile. We offer a mix of expertise in software development and understanding of healthcare processes, integration of various healthcare platforms and handling of large volumes of clinical data.

Custom Healthcare Solutions Development

From idea and prototyping to healthcare software development and deployment, we offer a complete range of tailored technology:

Hospital management software
Medical appointment application
Laboratory management system
Healthcare management software
Patient management software
Medical learning applications
Medical management software
Industrial health care web solutions

Healthcare Product Development

The custom products we develop are secure, scalable and compliant to the various healthcare standards. Our technology expertise combined with domain experience helps us to deliver excellent products, time and again.

Integration with 3rd Party Systems

We aim to provide fundamental data exchange between systems and integrate custom applications with installed third-party systems whether it is IoT systems or medical devices.

Modernization, Migration & Maintenance

Given its complex nature, the process of data migration requires comprehensive planning and execution as it demands an upgrade or an overhaul every five years or so.

Advanced Technology

AI, ML, Blockchain, NLP (Natural Language Processing) - we keep abreast with the latest technology trends and use them to create winning products and solutions.

Our full-featured services and solutions

Each healthcare company strives to optimize and improve its workflow for better efficiency. Depending on the specific tasks, custom software for the medical system can be used both in the company office and on devices like tablets, mobile phones, and other gadgets. Our teams leverage disruptive technologies to design and develop digital healthcare solutions to provide better outcomes for patients, doctors, and society. 

We focus on designing solutions to boost systems and services performance and provide a full range of services, personalize and develop platforms based on a comprehensive assessment of health care products, system or medical facility’s needs. Our comprehensive solutions ensure positive patient experiences and streamlined workflows, collect data and improve operational efficiency, accelerate the discovery and development of new drugs, diagnostics and therapies and deliver patient benefits.


  • Personal Health Record (PHR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR): a system for storing all medical records about a patient's condition.
  • Medical data management: laboratory charting, patient registration, pharmacy and inventory management, insurance claims processing, financial accounting, and billing.
  • CRM for the medical facilities: managing active correspondence with patients, scheduling, notifications, call history and other functions.
  • Mobile apps: data exchange, time management, patient monitoring, etc.
  • Mobile app for patients to track health status, share lab results, contact a doctor or guardian and other opportunities from home without personal visits to the hospital or clinic.
  • Customized ERP Implementation for Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Sales force automation and CRM for Pharmaceuticals industry.
  • Web application, portals for online presence and online sales. 
  • Website design and development and dynamic content additions, newsgroups, message boards, guest books, calendar and other healthcare related customizable applications.
  • Content management/ Knowledge management/ Document library.
  • Drugs manufacturing process management application.

We provide the technology backbone to help our healthcare and medical customers achieve their mission to save and improve lives.


Easier access to healthcare data and better care coordination. 


Focus on treatment and patient care rather than on documents administration.


Increased efficiency and scalability.


Improved patient care and satisfaction.


Better and more accurate diagnostics.

Engage with our technology experts to build patient-focused solutions that improve people’s health and wellness.

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