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We believe in approaching each project as a potential game-changer and because of that, we support our clients comprehensively, going far beyond the code. Combining tech expertise with understanding of business needs, we ensure that the solutions we provide not only work but succeed.

We are a team who is set out to challenge the way that most software development companies work.

Our people are at the core of what makes us who we are. We are talented, passionate software developers, architects, testers and consultants, and we have all of the necessary ingredients for a successful software development company. Indrivo is the place where we get to learn, grow, challenge ourselves every day, and build awesome solutions for our customers.

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Expertise and Technologies

Our technical team is equipped with the right technology and data-driven insights. This helps us provide a great experience to every customer, every time and is also the key to retaining the best talent at Indrivo.

Software Development | Data Analytics | Cloud Computing

  • .NET 
  • Node.js 
  • C# 
  • .NET Core 
  • SQL Server 
  • MySQL 
  • PostgreSQL 
  • MongoDB 
  • SQLite 
  • Kubernetes 
  • Docker 
  • Azure 
  • AWS 

Web Development 

  • AngularJS 
  • Vue.js 
  • JavaScript 
  • CSS3 
  • HTML5 
  • PHP 
  • Laravel  
  • React 
  • Symfony

Mobile App Development 

  • iOS 
  • Android 
  • Swift  
  • Flutter 
  • Xamarin
  • React 


  • Drupal 
  • WordPress 
  • Kentico 
  • DotNetNuke 
  • Orchard CMS 


  • Power BI 
  • Bizon360 

Digital Transformation 

  • EA 
  • RUP 

Digital Shops 

  • Drupal Commerce 
  • GrandNode 
  • NopCommerce 
  • WooCommerce  
  • Magento


  • Opigno LMS 
  • Ilias 
  • Blended Learning 

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated development team is a perfect solution if you are looking for special technical qualifications. We create and maintain a team of professionals selected for skill and attitude to develop systems that fully meet your technical requirements and goals while you enjoy your software.

Our Agile team brings a level of technical expertise, enthusiasm and a desire to deliver excellent results. You don't have to worry about anything else than building your business.


  • Back-end Developers 
  • Front-end Developers 
  • Full-stack Developers 
  • Product Owners
  • Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • UI & UX Designers
  • Scrum Masters
  • QA Engineers
  • DevOps
  • Economic efficiency
  • A focused approach 
  • Constant cooperation between the customer and the team 
  • Continuous development 
  • A faster workflow
  • The ability to optimize
our team

A team of knowledgeable engineers is powerful. After all, technology is only a tool. It can only achieve its best results if there are thoughtful people behind it. And that’s our goal: create teams of smart individuals to build great software.

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The first step is to get to know each other, for us to discover your challenges and for you to find out how our digital strategy and technology can help your organisation transform and perform.


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