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Powerful Mobile App solutions to turn your unique ideas into apps with attractive interfaces and custom features to succeed in today’s digital economy.

Would you like to turn your business idea into a mobile app?

62% of smartphone users regularly use Mobile Apps.


Our team of professionals create tailor-made nativewrapper built or web apps for smartphones and tablets with modern designs and outstanding quality for simple and complex use cases. 

When designing your new online identity, we base it on essential milestones that will enhance your online business presence and drive traffic to your application. We create modern looking, clean, professional design and a smooth, properly scaled version of your app to explore on mobile devices. 

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Our Technology Expertise

Custom Native Mobile Apps

  • Built from scratch using Xamarin Framework; 
  • Built for different platforms; 
  • Offline/online availability; 
  • Fast and reliable performance; 
  •  UI/UX optimized; 
  • Connected to phone functionalities for richer user experience; 
  • Quick launch of iOS and Android apps; 
  • Cloud integration. 
  • 100% custom native app.

Native Wrapper Builder Apps

  • Affordable price (the app is created via builder);  
  • Can be published on AppStore and Play Market;  
  • Entire functional of the existing web-app included in basic features;  
  • Design inspired by the existing app (color scheme, fonts, etc.);  
  • Easy to use and easy to load (not overloading the smartphone performance); 
  • Possibility to add modules and features anytime (from the builder); 
  • Native look and feel.

Progressive Web Apps

  • Quik implementation; 
  • Server‐side apps, built with any server technology; 
  • Limited functionalities; 
  • CSS3 and HTML rendering; 
  • Accessible from all internet-capable mobile phones; 
  • Functions and content are adjustable.

native app is specially developed for an operating system (iOS or Android). 

A native wrapped app is built with the help of a native modular constructor based on existing themes and layouts. 

progressive web app is built with web technologies, it has the functionalities of an actual app and works on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Working with our mobile application teams means: experienced developers, efficient services and a high level of creativity and innovation. Our team of mobile experts will help you transform your business idea for mobile expansion into clear business requirements and will implement it to a perfect fit.


Our Tools, Platforms And Technologies

We are ready to advise you and evaluate together which technologies are best suited for your application.

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Mobile Apps Development Lifecycle

We cover all stages of mobile application development and offer them as stand-alone services or as parts of our full-cycle mobile app development. Our experts are already waiting to get your project started.

Mobile Consulting

  • Mobile strategy advice; 
  • Mobile product design; 
  • UI/UX compatibility; 
  • Technology consulting; 
  • Requirements engineering. 

Mobile App Design

  • UI/UX Design; 
  • Visual design; 
  • Motion design; 
  • Content design; 
  • Prototyping; 
  • Usability testing. 

Mobile App Development

  • Native apps (iOS, Android); 
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA); 
  • Desktop engineering (PC, Mac); 
  • Web front-end engineering; 
  • Cloud / back-end (.Net, PHP); 
  • System integration / API engineering. 

Mobile App QA And Support

  • Prototyping; 
  • Test concepts and planning; 
  • Usability testing; 
  • Functional, integration, performance and security tests; 
  • Automated tests; 
  • Code reviews. 


Mobile App Evolution

  • Performance and User Feedback Monitoring; 
  • Second and third-level support; 
  • App upgrade to new releases; 
  • Release planning and implementation. 


How We Deliver Our Mobile Solutions

During our time in the industry, we have formed an extremely efficient, step-by-step process that allows us to develop mobile applications for our customers in a timely and qualitative manner.

Development Cycle

Looking for a reputed custom Mobile App development service provider? Let's work together on your application development! Our experts are standing by to answer any of your questions and get your app rolling!

Indrivo has you covered no matter what mobile solution you need to build!

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