Internet of Things and Smart Concept Products

Capture business opportunities with user-friendly, cutting edge IoT devices, applications and platforms to enhance life.

The world has entered an intelligent age where connectivity is omnipresent. The IoT will connect 26 billion objects by 2020, impacting every industry as products and technology have evolved above mechanical and electrical components to complex combinations of software, hardware, sensors and microprocessors. Products are designed with a focus on interconnectivity and interoperability and the product development has shifted to a digital platform.

From smart home products to wearables and other IoT devices, our team can help you create smart products that are seamless in both design and function. Whether you need a prototype with an existing development platform or a total custom solution, our team can develop your connected product and customize your IoT platform to bring together all the components of an IoT system: hardware, software, UI and connectivity. 


Indrivo offers consulting services, development and customization of IoT platforms and software components for various types of connected smart products.


We help you define a smart plan of your connected product’s features and capabilities and help align it with your digital strategy keeping development and implementation costs and project risks in mind. We analyze the requirements to define a project’s scope and complexity and provide the delivery schedule to implement your IoT solution on time and within budget.

Development and Customization

We design and work on the product’s development and implementation in iterations, which allows us to uncover and offer new features with every stage of Agile development. If you already have an IoT solution for your future smart product, our engineering team can bring it to reality, test its functionality and customize it further according to your exact needs.

Mobile and web apps

We also develop mobile and web apps to enable you and your customers (and third-party maintenance teams, if any) to control the products, adjust their performance remotely, set up automatic modes, behavior and more.

Smart integration

We can also integrate the smart product into customers' internal systems and platforms and ensuring compliance with security regulations.

Types of IoT and Smart products we can develop:

Smart Factory: Industrial products

As industrial IoT is gaining momentum, we ensure a symbiosis between traditional production processes and IoT-based innovations. Smart, connected products allow for real-time insights and we help industries uncover new ways to enhance production processes. We create smart products using the full technology stack: data storage and analytics, cloud applications, security tools, integration with external information sources and enterprise management systems and ensure communication and connectivity.

Wearables and Consumer Products

We are actively expanding our IoT expertise and can create smart products, platforms and software for healthcare devices (individual glucose meters), smart home and household (smart thermostats, watering systems) and sport items (fitness bracelets) to name a few.

Also, we develop applications which connect smart things to a central monitoring and control system and provide data processing and analytics to help gather more information about how customers use these products.

Healthcare and Medical IoT Products

We can develop products used by hospitals and patients for real-time tracking, monitoring and management of chronic illnesses as well as hospital assets. The smart healthcare devices are equipped with sensors to help monitor and assess patients’ vitals in real time: pulse, blood pressure, glucose. When dangerous variations are observed, an alert to a medical staff is generated.

Smart City and Urban Intelligence Products:

We believe that Smart cities are more than automated cities and it’s our aim to collaborate closely with the public administration and other project stakeholders to design and implement smart solutions tailored to the needs of citizens of a particular city, such as road traffic monitoring, utilities, waste management, public safety and transportation.

Our highly-skilled engineers can help you consolidate, integrate or launch your own IoT initiative. We are ready to create smart connections between machines, people and processes, harnessing the growth potential of IoT development.

We are confident we can find the perfect IoT solution for you and join you at any stage of your IoT initiative.

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