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Comprehensive engagement model for all your custom software needs: for short- and long-term development, maintenance and support.

Get an effective outsourcing experience with a robust engagement model.

Virtually every business must go digital these days and it’s no wonder that Information Technology is THE most outsourced component. Outsourcing helps to reduce and control expenses, reduce time to market and accelerate company transformation. However, when you decide to outsource software development, selecting the best provider and, most importantly, the engagement model proves to be a difficult task.

There are many engagement models available out there and each model has its own pros and cons. We strongly believe that a good model is all about the right mix of operational efficiency and relevant costs associated with processes and systems, for providing full control and high level of transparency to our customers. The best model will be chosen together with our customers taking into consideration time pressures and budget constraints, the expected deliverables and desired outcomes. We strive to provide flexible engagement models customized to suit the different needs of different enterprises in order to achieve lucrative experiences and enable customers to remain focused on their own skills.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team model is a new approach to applications and web development and it’s an agreement in which we provide a team of software developers to the customer, on a long term basis. We find and qualify the specialists that will be able to complete the assigned project and meet the requirements fully. The specialists are chosen based on their experience, expertise, languages and technical skills. The team can be managed by the customer directly or by a project manager provided by us.

The dedicated team outsourcing business model is mostly used for long-term projects, where the project scope changes frequently, the requirements are not well defined or incomplete and when the customer’s team lacks the required skills set in specific areas. The dedicated team fuses with our customer’s internal team thus increasing the technical capacity, and they work in symbiosis to develop project-specific solutions.



Dedicated team model has a very simple and transparent pricing system of monthly payments that depend on the team size in a given month.

We offer 2 options:
  • The payment is composed of members’ salaries + our fee that includes administrative overhead, revenue, etc.;
  • The payment is based on the employees’ hour/day rate, which already includes all the taxes, administrative costs and revenue for our company;

How does the Dedicated Team Model work?

Dedicated Team is more like a remote team. Unlike an extended team model, in which the team is more like an extension of the customer’s internal team, a dedicated team is a separate entity with its own management, frameworks and methodologies (which are approved by the customer).

We establish our software development teams in such a way as to enable the customer to work directly with the developers, thus achieving the highest level of productivity possible. By handling the recruitment process and operational management, leveraging our expertise in the local market, we create a pool of candidates whom our customers are able to screen personally. Once specialists are approved, they are hired and we set up workplaces and equipment, and your team is ready to work on your tasks and under your supervision.

At the end of this cooperation, the customer receives the ready-to-go product, including technical specifications, design and mock-ups and product intellectual property rights.

Our Process and Team Onboarding

  1. Initiation (1-2 weeks):
  • Customer requirements gathering and analysis
  • Requirements validations
  • Calculations, estimations and agreeing on an engagement model
  • NDA and Contract


  1. Start (2-4 weeks):
  • CVs review and recruitment
  • Confirming and assigning team members
  • Procedures and project scope setup
  • Process Optimization: remove impediments


  1. Operations:
  • Initiate project and assign tasks
  • The team works according to the customer’s scope and reports accordingly
  • Release the final product or code
  • Continuous team development, retention and contract renewal

Some popular categories of our Dedicated Team resources:

  • Back-end developers
  • Front-end developers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Solution architects
  • Graphic and UI & UX designers
  • Business and system analysts
  • Testers and quality-assurance specialists
  • Tech-support specialists
  • Project managers
  • .Net Developers
  • PHP Developers 
  • Open Source CMS developers (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, etc) 
  • User Interface (UI) developers (experts including JS frameworks such as Angular JS/Node JS etc)
  • Mobile App Developers (Experts using all popular frameworks)


  • Complete control over the selection of the dedicated team members;
  • Is economically reasonable;
  • Provides a focused approach of the team;
  • Easy team reconfiguration at mostly any stage of the project according to the current needs and requirements;
  • Predictable, defined & controlled budget;
  • Changes into requirements are not an issue;
  • Full control over the management of the team;
  • Dedicated team members have a deep understanding of the client’s project and business goals
  • Continuous communication with the team;
  • Ensures team cohesion and stability;
  • The team is stable and is fully dedicated to the particular customer;
  • Dedicated team members enhance knowledge retention;
  • No compromise on quality


  • Less efficient or inefficient for short-term projects;
  • Team management takes time, so it’s best to also include a Project Manager
  • The staff of the dedicated team must be occupied continuously in order to justify the cost, even when project stalls
  • Fewer opportunities to learn and adopt new techniques outside the project’s area for the dedicated team members;

Other Engagement Models: 

Though we specialize in Dedicated Teams model, we can also deliver other engagement models designed to fulfill all potential needs of our customers. We can also combine a few elements of other available options. This way, we will always be engaged in helping you grow.

Staff Augmentation: Extend your Team
Project Based Model: Your turnkey custom solution
Fixed Price Cost Model: Fixed budget guarantee
Managed Services Model: Experienced Project Managers
Time & Material Model: Flexibility and continuous development
We will make sure that the model chosen is the most ideal for your business needs. Our main goal is to provide frameworks for sharing roles, responsibilities, and know-how to deliver collaborative solutions across a varied industry and technology landscape.

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