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Delivering digital and omni-channel, people-first solutions for Next-Gen Communications, Media and Telecom companies.

Industry Overview

In our hyper-interconnected world, mobile phones now outnumber people (9 billion compared to 7.7 billion). Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data & Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud, Mobility, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, learning machines and smart devices are shaping new opportunities as well as new challenges in the communications sector. As the world moves into the new 5G age with global access expected by 2020, the connected ecosystem will provide the opportunity to transform networks to fast forward and will certainly gather a previously unimaginable amount of data. Communication and media service providers are facing the threat of new competition from over-the-top (OTT) providers and a growing demand for expanded personalized services from their customers.

Operational challenges

  • High network availability
  • Develop new services and products
  • Increase security
  • Quickly ramp up or down capacity
  • Automate processes and reduce costs

Customer needs

  • Use more free services 
  • Consume less from service provider
  • Look for lowest price

Business challenges

  • Keep pace with extreme competition 
  • Cooperate with over-the-top providers
  • Improve time to market
  • Integrate new acquisitions


We help Communications service providers boost operational efficiencies and reduce costs by tailoring solutions to customer needs. We work with telcos to accelerate digital transformation so they can expand ecosystems, innovate faster, optimize investments and deliver the quality and quantity customers demand. We help redefine customer experience, capitalize on digital convergence and technology innovations to improve connectivity and deliver new, relevant products, services and content.

Our full-featured services and solutions

Witnessing the ever-growing transformation of the communications industry, our customers are able to run their businesses in line with the digital change and create completely new business models. The solutions we develop can be integrated with CRM, POS, provisioning and billing systems to enable enterprises to retain customers and drive sales.

Monitoring and network performance
Charging and billing systems
CRM systems
Data analysis and reporting
Customer and Partner Portals
Custom web and mobile applications

Monitoring and network performance

Our customized solutions allow for managing multiple operations effectively and it analyzes network performance metrics across traditional and hybrid-cloud architectures in a one-dashboard experience.

  • Network resources inventory management;
  • Performance management;
  • Fault management and trouble ticketing;
  • Service Fulfillment and Assurance;
  • Field Force Management.

Charging and billing systems

Flexible and real-time billing and charging solutions that enable:

  • Subscribers to have instant control over their plans as well as benefit from multiple offerings;
  • Operators to create various pricing models and personalized offers for several customer segments (thanks to CRM integration);
  • Real-time billing systems also allow enterprise clients and residential users to compare usage costs, enabling them to adjust their service plans, if needed.

CRM systems

Engage with subscribers in multiple ways:

  • Customer account management: tracking of the order history, channel activity, and more;
  • Loyalty program management: creating tailored offers, promotions and information on services and products;
  • Customer retention: predicting customer churn as well as increasing customer value and loyalty by using advanced analytics.

Data analysis and reporting

Improve the performance of data-rich business processes through:

  • Data warehousing: aggregating data from multiple sources into a single, quick and safe database, which we design and implement;
  • Advanced reporting and visualization: custom reports to evaluate campaign efficiency, anticipate evolution and get strategic information for further improvements;
  • Predictive analytics: analyzing customer behavior through segmentation and history.

Customer and Partner Portals

Web and mobile customizable interactive portals that allow customers to access services, schedule appointments, submit service requests and problem tickets and report their needs at any time. 

  • Profile-based and personalized;
  • Secure, powerful and scalable;
  • Integrated with business systems, data analysis tools and social media;
  • Optimized for mobile phones and tablets.

Custom web and mobile applications:

  • Mobile number portability system;
  • Sales force automation system: to support the configuration, pricing and quote generation in sales processes.

Succeed in a 5G world with new business models, operational efficiencies, and customer engagement. We redefine your operations by digitizing your internal platforms and processes.

Reduce capex and improve operational efficiency
Consolidate workloads and optimise location
Reduce development costs and speed up time to market
Enable a single platform for multiple applications and users
Provide customised services for users
Scale services and capacity on per-need basis
Reduce planning and provisioning
Integrate customer data across the network, touchpoints, billing, and finance

If you need more agility to keep pace with new challenges in your industry, please contact us to discuss your project.

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