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Industry Overview

Living in a digital world, today's educators and students need learning that matches their everyday experience. Students prefer today the digital content for reading and learning, which is more engaging and assures faster assimilation, which leads to better grades. Digital content also enables publishers to add a layer of interactivity which can make learning contextual and closer to reality for students. Additionally, it enables publishers to easily alter the content and deploy newer editions with minimum efforts ensuring quicker transfer and consumption. 

For learning to be effective and fundamental, traditional methods are being replaced by digital methods and alternative techniques from gaming to adaptive learning are being introduced - and fast. Education has entered an era when modern learning methods rely on technology, learners use web and mobile apps to study, submit works and collaborate together. e-Learning platforms have made it possible by offering efficient, high-end e-Learning solutions for anyone from anywhere in the world.

The rise of E-Learning in both Education and Corporate sectors:

Educational Institutions

  • Digital technology helps students boost their grades and enhance their knowledge. 
  • Online course material and e-textbook learning help students engage more.

Corporate Learning

  • Gamelike corporate learning and training tools help to raise productivity.
  • Integrated E-Learning tools can be accessed and used from anywhere, on any device.


Focusing on tailored teaching and learning solutions, Indrivo has the right expertise in providing smart, connected solutions that create brand identity for educational institutions, entrepreneurs, corporations, schools, colleges and universities. By integrating education systems and methods with upscale technology platforms, we deliver outstanding learning experience that runs seamlessly across a variety of digital platforms. We work closely with our customers in order to determine the right solution for their organizational needs and to provide the best tools to improve the performance of students or employees. 

Indrivo provides advanced level learning management solutions based on latest technologies like VR, IoT, AI or Blockchain. We develop learning CMS, E-Learning portals, assessment and learning solutions, multilingual E-Learning solutions, our experts are very comfortable working with HTML, JavaScript or Flash and understand E-Learning standards like SCORM, AICC, OKI, etc.

Educational Institutions

  • Digital Learning Platforms and Learning Management Systems
  • Integrated tools for enrollment, scheduling, file and media sharing
  • Improvement or customization of an existing LMS

Corporate Learning

  • Full compliance with industry standards
  • E-Learning software for task management, planning and tracking progress

Non-Profit Organizations

  • User-friendly UI accessible to professionals, donors and volunteers
  • Mobile learning solutions for greater flexibility and mobility
  • Detailed analytics and reporting for easy tracking of progress and learning efficiency

Our full-featured services and solutions

Our software development experts create solutions that promote user experiences for evolving educational systems to meet the goals of higher education establishments, universities, high and primary schools, businesses and corporations. We engineer E-Learning systems across on-site, mobile, web, and cloud-based platforms and our solutions enable students to be effective users and creators of technology. Over 50000 people learn and create using E-Learning platforms we developed.



E-Learning Consulting
E-Learning Software Product development
Courseware Design, Development and Maintenance
Gamification: Digital Learning through Games
Library, Multimedia creation and E-textbook Development
Collaboration tools Development (ex. white board sharing)
Learning videoconferencing, Web casting and Streaming
Web-based training portals

Scalable Learning Management Systems and Student Information Systems Development


Indrivo's E-Learning software development experts develop robust Learning Management Systems (LMS) from scratch with intuitive User Interfaces (UI) and productive User Experiences (UX) tools.

Seamless LMS Integration

We integrate proprietary or 3rd party LMS platforms with CRM, CMS platforms, Student Information Systems, Administration system, Accounting, HRM and other systems.

Custom Communication Interfaces

We develop unified learning applications with special features for messaging, social collaboration, multimedia file sharing, web and video conferencing, streaming, recording, discussion boards, etc.

Academic Management and Enrollment

We develop admission, registration and enrollment platforms to manage and automate applicant-tracking processes. We develop and integrate modules for students and teachers with intuitive interfaces for scheduling, courses adjustments and other features.

Robust Mobile Experiences

We create web-based LMS platforms with native mobile applications to stimulate mobile learning across multiple social contexts. We use the devices' hardware to create unified user experiences across iOS and Android.

LMS Plugins

We create and extend the capabilities of Learning Management Systems with additional customized modules, course builder and editor, learner authentication, themes, filters, document storage, and much more. 

Attendance Monitoring and Records Solutions

We centralize all records and documents into repositories and provide migration services ensuring data integrity. We develop custom attendance modules including roll call management and real-time status and reporting.

Our team strives to provide the right learning frameworks for students and educators from the educational institutions as well as corporate environments and develop future-ready education systems for all.

  • E-Learning technology allows students to focus on the task with less distraction
  • It motivates learners to START the actual process and it shifts them from passive to more active learners
  • It allows learners to understand the content better and faster
  • It creates paths for students to demonstrate their knowledge better and achieve their learning goals
  • It facilitates easy learning outside the school environment
  • It allows learners to gather their skills by unifying their school and day-to-day experiences

Don't Risk Quality: Engage with us, accelerate your knowledge and productivity with our high-impact digital learning solutions.

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