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Transforming commerce and hospitality from entry to purchase with innovative and engaging online solutions.

Industry Overview

Customers' behaviour and purchase methods have changed significantly due to the use of the latest technology. More and more people prefer personalized shopping and are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. Consumers turn to social platforms on their mobile devices to influence their buying decisions and they tend to prefer an integrated, cross-channel experience, rather than a traditional, single channel one.

To stay successful retail business owners and entrepreneurs must shift focus from products to experiences blending physical and digital to offer personalized, omnichannel shopping experiences. They have to adopt a fresh digital perspective and replace their traditional operating models and legacy systems with modern hybrid technology and implement agile and cost-effective ways to deliver.


Applying deep knowledge and experience, Indrivo supports businesses in the commercial and retail sectors at all stages of their digital transformation providing end-to-end solutions from consultancy to implementation and maintenance. We develop full-featured systems or specific modules, connect them with each other and integrate them into the corporate infrastructure.

Retail & E-commerce Development

Development of interactive and user-friendly custom software, websites, Mobile and Web apps for consumers, retailers and distributors for personalized shopping across multiple connected channels.

Web and Mobile Stores
Web and Mobile Stores

We build virtual storefronts using best practices in E-commerce responsive design standards and integrate them with payment and order processing systems, ERP and CMS.

Leading E-commerce Marketplaces
Leading E-commerce Marketplaces

We develop and integrate digital platforms for leading marketplaces: B2C, B2B, C2C, B2G, G2B, G2C, which connect vendors, sellers, suppliers, distributors and buyers and facilitate online transactions.

Platform-based Implementation

Our advanced E-commerce platforms are mainly based on, but not limited to: Magento, Drupal Commerce, WordPress WooCommerce and they maximize the lifetime value by engaging and influencing shoppers at the moment of purchase.

Integration with third-party Systems

Integration of custom applications with existing and installed systems, such as ERP, CRM, warehouse and inventory systems, social media, supply chain, E-commerce platform and others and provides agility and scalability to customers' purchase and payment methods.

Our full-featured services and solutions

Whether you need to modernize or extend the capabilities of your current solution, design a new IT service, migrate applications, or build a new one from scratch, we employ Agile technical schemes that can be securely migrated or morphed to ensure your business reaches its full online potential. We understand that the most important moment is not when a system goes live, but when its users benefit from using it.

Agile Development
Security Implementation
  • Custom E-commerce website and application design and development
  • Shopping cart development and integration
  • Plug-in & and additional module development
  • Payment gateway and Point-of-Sale secure integration
  • Web & Mobile booking systems
  • Product catalogs
  • Customer profiles, accounts and analytics
  • Automated, built-in invoicing and delivery tracking
  • Automated data and content management systems
  • Integrated inventory and order management 
  • Data warehousing and migration
  • Enterprise system modernization
  • Robotics, IoT, AR and VR 
  • Maintenance & technical support

Our solutions will help you increase engagement, facilitate a secure shopping experience, enhance operational efficiency, and improve internal processes.

Engage Shoppers and Empower Retailers

  • Use analytics to connect customers with products and services
  • Aggregate customer information obtained through multiple channels
  • Shorten wait times and speed up purchase cycles
  • Cross-channel support and consistently better connection between the retailer and the consumers

Optimize Operations and Reduce Costs & Waste

  • Improve workflow and reduce logistics costs (automated operations and transportation processes)
  • Improve time to market and enhance pricing and promotion visibility
  • Data centric supply chain and warehouse efficiency 
  • Better order visibility and real time inventory

Transform Products and Experiences

  • Converge the in-store and online shopping
  • Establish loyalty rewards program
  • Integrated operations allow better product design
  • Implement better digital messaging and marketing campaign tools
  • Identify new opportunities to increase up-sell and cross-sell

Our clients who had already successfully established themselves as online businesses through our solutions:

Omnichannel capabilities lead to better retail experiences: let us design and build your online marketplace today.

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