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Indrivo is your partner for technology consulting and custom software development projects. We offer high-quality customized web solutions as well as individual software and mobile app development. We serve numerous Government organizations, public institutions and private international customers.

About the Company


Indrivo was born out of the need for transformation and innovation. Changing our story was an essential step in reimagining our business, diversifying the range of services and bringing more value to customers. As a result, we chose to fully embrace the digital mindset in all operations, from integrating automated processes that operate seamlessly to designing & building customer-centric technology solutions. 

Soft Tehnica Romania

The name “Indrivo” is formed by a fusion between two words: “Innovation” and “Drive”. It articulates the company’s drive to be at the forefront of digital innovation and it expresses our commitment to deliver well-designed, custom IT solutions with operational excellence in mind. The Indrivo logo is accompanied by a digital stylization of “The Endless Column” by Constantin Brancusi that symbolizes progress, verticality, and a strong backbone with clean lines that represents flexibility to change and dynamism.

Soft Tehnica

We decided to separate from Soft Tehnica Romania to obtain operational flexibility, to focus on developing customized software solutions, and to generate new value. Back in 2004, Soft Tehnica was founded as a start-up company with 100% Romanian investments. Eventually, Soft Tehnica opened a delivery center in Chisinau (Moldova) to provide web development and software engineering services.


Since we started our journey in 2019, Indrivo has achieved exponential growth in terms of business, industry insights, and employee relations. The company offers high-quality technology consulting, customized web solutions, individual software, and mobile app development. We combine smart and relevant data with an agile approach to address the entire spectrum of customers’ complex challenges, thus accelerating the digital impact across any industry.

Customer-centric. Quality-driven. Technology-charged. Impact-focused.

  • Customer-centric stands on uniting minds to build software-enabled products that exceed the goals.
  • Quality-driven stands on striving for perfection in the workflow and upon each project delivery stage.
  • Technology-charged stands on integrating the latest technology tools to strengthen the business.
  • Impact-focused stands on leveraging the design thinking mindset to find a solution to customers challenges.

Technology Alive:

Boldness driven by creative strategies
Support infused with innovation
Estimable value generated by digital solutions
Focus shifted towards the long-term potential


Imagine the impossible and deliver IT.


We have a clear vision of how we want to make positive changes - to improve the well-being of people by designing and building customer-centric technology solutions as an integral part of life. We believe that technology should make life easier, unleash creativity and create opportunities.


In digital we trust.


Embodying strong values dignifies our way of doing business. The way we carry out our missions, the commitments we make, the decisions we take – the synergy that rallies the team around the values embraced. 


Empower people by designing and building customer-centric technology as an integral part of life.


The concept of “innovation" lies at the heart of the Indrivo mission. With a lot of passion for technological progress and holistic solutions, we do pioneer work in the field of IT aimed at changing the status quo and improving lives. Through our mission, we pursue a customer-centric approach. The long-term business success of each customer, which we support and elevate through delivered services, is the ultimate goal of ours.

Indrivo team is the driving force behind each one of our accomplishments and sustainable growth. The extensive technical expertise, a solid sense of responsibility, honest communication, and a “let’s do it” attitude are keys to meaningful work. It is fostered by fulfilling our mission, ensuring profitability, and securing the future of all Indrivo associates.

Shared Team Accountability

The Indrivo workflow is based on the principle of entering a strategic collaboration to find solutions to ongoing challenges. All team members share team accountability, which involves accepting the fact that team results outshine individual results. Everybody has the opportunity to voice concerns or give suggestions, as a result, the team is committed to performing at their best.

Care for Impact

We see ourselves enhancing the digital business transformation through the power of partnership. With this understanding in mind, we focus on the success factors of our customers and strive for solutions that offer an optimal relationship between covering professional needs and financial feasibility. Finding and implementing the optimal solution is always the focus of our work.

Excellence & Innovation in Practice

Everything we do at Indrivo is driven by our passion for innovation. Thanks to our ability to continuously develop new solutions, we have established ourselves as a reliable technology solutions provider on the market with a steady growth outlook ahead. Exploiting challenging environments and anticipating customers' needs before they arise – two pillars of our agile approach.

Quality Culture

We strive to provide high-quality work sustainably. The trusting environment, the cooperative relationship with customers and employees as well as our open and honest communication enable us not just to assert our values, but also to swear by them daily.

Commitment to Integrity

Our modus operandi is characterized by determination, passion, and commitment to achieve beyond one’s expectations and to build trust-driven relationships. We always act with honesty, integrity, respect, and ethics to lead the long-term impact and scale businesses of Indrivo customers.

Empowerment to Take Action

What defines our company and its unique approach? The Indrivo team. Here at Indrivo, we support the team in a variety of ways to let them unleash their full potential. In keeping with our values, we foster a culture of open communication, prompt exchange of information, and mutual understanding.

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