Design and development of a Mobile Application that lets you schedule text messages


The customer is a company founded by a group of investors based in Ireland, Dublin. The company is providing a variety of integrated solutions, interactive systems and blockchain services for scalable organizations.


The customer commissioned Indrivo to design and develop an iOS / Android mobile application that allows users to schedule and send personalized messages to friends, colleagues, business partners, customers or employees. The system must allow users to plan and specify the exact day and time at which the text message is to be sent.

For personal use:

This app should allow people to stay in touch with friends and people around them at the moments that matter. This app aims to help people never forget to tell a friend "Happy Birthday", "Good luck" or "Congratulations".

For business use:

This app should help businessmen plan their activities better by sending scheduled appointment reminders, meeting reminders or other messages to customers, employees or partners automatically.


Thanks to the extensive experience in mobile development, Indrivo development team had a deep understanding of how application security should be achieved. In this regard, Indrivo developed a high-level design and defined the components to be created as well as the development tools that would best answer the project needs. One of the main features of the App is that once downloaded, it instantly syncs with other user platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram and WeChat, without the need to add contacts manually. .Net Core was chosen as the main language for the Back-end development, for the web front-end, we used Vue.js, while Xamarin served as the language for mobile development.

  • Encrypted messages
  • Scheduled (multiple) messages
  • Scheduled messages for (multiple) GPS locations
  • iPhone/Android geofence
  • Comprehensive design

Results & Benefits

We have developed a unique mobility solution that helps users plan and schedule messages that will be sent on any wished day, allowing the user to specify the exact times the message shall be sent. The app also allows users to schedule and send text messages based on their contacts geofence (a location-based software that uses GPS) location area. The user defines the geographical area by selecting it on the google map. The system monitors for when the contact enters that specific area, being it home, office or a hotel and automatically sends a scheduled text message to the selected person.


.NET Core 3.1

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