Quiz: Is a Dedicated Team Model Right for your Business?

Take our 20 questions quiz to find out where your company stands in less than 90 seconds!

Your business is growing at a rapid pace! The number of your customers has doubled, so did your workload - so much, that your in-house development team is starting to struggle and create strategies just to try to keep up. Looks like you need some support.

The solution is to hire a dedicated team to take care of your projects. The question is: Are you ready to invest in a Dedicated Team?

Take the test below, find out at what stage of digital maturity your company is and get an action plan that will help you move on to the next stage.

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Our company has an IT transformation plan with projects defined and clear roadmap.
We have conducted feasibility studies or business analysis.
We have clear project requirements and deliverables.
We have large, long-term and scalable projects.
Our company is engaged in a large-scale Agile transformation effort within the enterprise context.