Software Engineering (Products & Solutions)

Producing custom code or working within an off-the-shelf framework, we engineer efficient and reliable solutions.

The global phenomenon of digital transformation brings an enormous change in the landscape that most companies operate, the software engineering being the underlying factor of this transformation. Every product development, business model and process is affected on some level by the widespread of digital technologies and it’s not enough to just tweak an existing software product or add an automation component. Companies must evolve and adopt a digital and agile mindset to accelerate delivery of quality, customer-focused software solutions.  

From digital product innovation to total business transformation our software engineers provide the fundamental building blocks to make technology work across the enterprise. We orchestrate all the details regarding design, development, implementation, configuration and testing of the software. Our team brings significant background and experience in software engineering for a broad range of requirements and will help you in your software or product development life cycle, whether to support a single stage or to take end-to-end ownership. We can support start-to-finish development from initial architecture and requirements through validation and deployment.

We employ proven methodology to align customers, external stakeholders and internal teams to provide the tactical services needed for rapid deployment and ongoing support. We oversee and execute on every phase of development, from ideation through end-user testing and we can engage with you at any point of the software lifecycle: project-based development for bringing new product to the market or for delivering ongoing enhancements or provide in-process troubleshooting.

We support the complete Software Engineering Lifecycle:

  • Software Engineering Consulting
  • Project Management (agile and hybrid)
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Management
  • Maintenance Services and Support

Our offerings:

Enterprise Applications:

  • Application Development and Support
  • Application Customization and Integration

Connected Enterprise:

  • Mobility
  • E-commerce
  • Omnichannel integration and multi-channel enablement
  • Platform transformation and digitalization (Cloud, SaaS)

Product Development and Support

  • Full-cycle development: proof-of-concept to deployment
  • Product Re-engineering
  • Performance and features enhancement

Independent Software Testing

We offer holistic software engineering services - as custom, turnkey project or as boosting your teams with our specialists. We will help you implement new technologies while providing the flexibility needed in today’s accelerated market environment.

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