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Digital Transformation & IT Modernization in Government

It is quite common to consider that the public sector is resistant to change and shows no signs that the digital transformation in government could happen overnight. In the meantime, as a result of the global pandemic, all sectors are forced to go through digitization while being pushed to their limits. Now, governments worldwide face similar issues, including meeting public expectations, becoming more efficient and resilient.

Even though many representatives of the public sector underline the importance of investing in a platform approach to digital government and try taking steps in this direction, still  80% of government organizations are at the initial/developing digital maturity stages, as they continue to bear responsibility for the public debt and most of their efforts don’t lead to an effective strategy for sustainable public institutions.


Reaching Digital Transformation in Government

Granicus defines digital government services (also called e-government) as follows:

E-government - service delivery within government, as well as between government and the public, using information and communication technologies.

Many of you are no doubt familiar with bureaucracy and even had to deal with it. For example, many public institutions require you to present hard copies of printed and signed documents. In the meantime, it is often impossible to find relevant information in one place and users have to go through numerous websites. In a world where you are just one click away from buying a new pair of sneakers or receiving a world-class education, citizens should have the opportunity to complete all transactions related to public services through one digital journey.

The implementation of digital tools and data analysis is part of the strategic long-term approach that could help governments improve their agility and capacity to react promptly in the time of crisis. Even though the importance of digital transformation is clear, moving in this direction is easier said than done. Adopting a Digital Government Technology Platform Approach (DGTP) is the model suggested by Gartner.  

Digital government technology platform approach

IT Modernization of Public Services

The approach to the digital transformation of governments is quite different from any other organization, as here the focus shifts from serving the organization or stakeholders to rethinking internal processes to respond to people’s needs. OECD Digital Government Policy Framework (DGPF) specifies that a fully digital government should have the following dimensions:


  •     Digital by design
  •     Data-driven public sector
  •     Government as a platform
  •     Open by default 


  •     User-driven
  •     Proactiveness

Many countries worldwide are going through the process of IT modernization by leveraging technologies to deliver consistent outcomes. 

The article on Digital Public Services published by the McKinsey & Company mentions countries that have already made a move to digital transformation in government. Estonian residents, for example, have personal accounts on the national service portal that can be used to monitor the privacy and usage of their personal information. Australian federal government services were taken to the next level after the Services Australia agency had been created. Have you ever thought that having the possibility to communicate directly with the government would be a great idea? Danish population can already do that by using the Digital Post secure messaging application.  

IT modernization trends in the public sector

In 2010, the Moldovan Government launched the process of digital transformation for the public sector, as a result, the E-Governance Agency (EGA) was founded. In the last 10 years, Moldova e-Governance Agency has successfully launched 100+ products as a part of 20+ initiatives, by building a sustainable platform for further modernization of public services and other governance-related innovations. Citizens and visitors of the Republic of Moldova, the private sector and public institutions have the possibility to experience the benefits of e-governance


Digital Transformation as a Means of Connecting with Citizens

Government Agencies can start with examining the predefined disruptions and generating ideas to come up with a strategy. It’s an opportunity to leverage new tools, technologies, and methods to accelerate the digital journey. Taking advantage of technologies like AI can boost productivity and augment workforce decisions, but to achieve it, governments need to find new ways of making data more transparent and usable. Although the goal of any government is not related to attracting customers, it is crucial to respond to citizens’ needs to gain their trust and support.


Partnering up with a reliable dedicated IT service provider could be one of the go-to options for the government. Whether public institutions need to improve an existing IT infrastructure or implement new digital tools, Indrivo team is always ready to help with the creation of the digital transformation strategy. We embed agile and scalable solutions to drive digitization while focusing on solving issues across the entire mission lifecycle, here are a few examples of the value we have already created for different government institutions:

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