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Discover Moldova and see why the country is becoming the new IT Outsourcing destination

Located in Southeastern Europe, bordering Romania to the West and Ukraine to the East, Moldova has evolved dynamically and has emerged as a new destination for Western companies to outsource their IT projects, software development and other technology-related services. Chisinau, the capital of Moldova is the place where most business activities from the IT sector take place.

Moldova has the potential to become a thriving innovation and technology development and delivery hub where highly skilled, multilingual, tech-savvy professionals are ready to develop complex projects and help companies achieve their business goals at better prices than average outsourcing costs in other parts of Europe or anywhere else in the world. 

Moldova outsourcing


  • 2500 IT graduates/year
  • 23.000 active ICT professionals
  • IT market growth rate – 6,8% (2018)
  • Doing Business Rank: 47/190 (2018)
  • Optic Fiber Network Coverage - Fiber 90%, 4G
  • High Internet speed 43,52 Mbps/2017
  • Internet Penetration Rate - 76%
  • Mobile Penetration Rate - 120%
  • 5th place for broadband affordability
  • Network readiness index positions -  77 /144
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The time zone is UTC +2 and the country is geographically well positioned to work on projects for western customers during overlapping working hours. By plane, it takes about 2-3 hours from any major European hub to get to Chisinau. Visa-free entry is available to citizens of 100 countries, including all EU members.

Distance proximity

The country plays the role of a bridge between the Western and Eastern markets and, since 2006, Moldova has increased its ICT services and products development 20 times and this growth is accelerating. Almost 80% of the IT products created in the country are designated for export. Western Europe is the largest export market for Moldovan technologies, with a 45% export market share. This is followed by the U.S.A. at 21%, Central and Eastern Europe at 18%, the Middle East and Africa at 6% and other regions including Asia represent 10%. High technical expertise and qualified professionals, development quality and competitive prices, linguistic proficiency, cultural affinity and accessible destination are all key reasons for entrusting your IT project to a Moldovan team.


Moreover, Moldova was featured in the Bloomberg Innovation Index 2018 and made it into Top 15 GII (Global Innovation Index) 2018 economies in mobile App development. Apps represent global commerce in completely digital goods, therefore provide insight into how innovation, production, and trade of digitized products and services are evolving in an increasingly globalized digital economy.


Summing up all these facts, it is not hard to see why more and more companies around the world choose to work with Moldovan developers. All these factors make Moldova an excellent place for those who consider outsourcing their software development projects.


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