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Evolved Document Processing in a major European organization for human rights


Our customer is an EU institution that works to promote good administration at EU level. It investigates complaints about maladministration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union, as well as proactively looking into broader systemic issues. It is entitled to receive and investigate complaints from EU citizens, businesses and organisations, and from anyone residing or having their registered office in an EU country.


Their office needed to design and implement a system that will be used to create a collaborative environment for document sharing, to unify all departments and their representatives into a unique information system, regardless of their geographical locations.


Our team developed an Intranet System with a cross-platform capability. It also included a Web publishing function that allows cumbersome corporate knowledge to be stored and easily accessed throughout the organization. The system is defined as a set of procedures for storing and organizing information, defining and managing workflows. In this case, Drupal was given preference due to its quick turnaround time and flexibility for integration.

Results & Benefits

The result was a simple yet powerful tool for communication and collaboration within the institution, which enhanced workforce productivity, staff engagement, fostered peer-to-peer collaboration and improved information processing. This, in turn, increased the quality of public services and ensured transparency of the decision-making process.



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